Born and bred in Vancouver’s underground House & Techno music scene, Kasey Riot is notorious for her carefully curated House & Techno sets. Blending many sub-genres you can be sure to go on an auditory journey during each set. She has had the pleasure to grace booths and festival stages across several countries spanning Canada, USA and Europe. After a year-long stint living and teaching music in London UK she is back in Canada where she DJs, produces & throws elusive warehouse parties featuring local/international underground DJs.

In 2012 she shifted her focus to developing her own production sound. After several free releases online,  Wet Trax signed her first label release, a remix for Melleefresh & Boy Pussy’s ‘Naughty Girl’ a UK-inspired Bassline House track. Soon followed a more remixes for DJs and movies. During her time in Europe she wrote her first EP which came out on her hometown’s East Van Digital as well as her latest release, an EP on Berlin’s TKRecords featuring remixes by Euro Techno veterans Torsten Kanzler and Phutek. Her signature sound flourished at clubs like Ministry Of Sound, Egg, Fire, Kit Kat Club and several appearance in Ibiza over the summer of 2017.

Now back stationed in Vancouver and inspired by European electronic hedonism, she tried to convey those vibes in her warehouse parties and in her production with a full-length album in the works for 2019.

Kasey Riot – Subterrane (Original Mix) [TKRecords Berlin]
Kasey Riot – Reverie (Original Mix) [TKRecords Berlin]
Boy Pussy – Pump My Body Up (Kasey Riot Runway Remix) [Wet Trax]
Boy Pussy – Pump My Body Up (Kasey Riot Basement Remix) [Wet Trax]
Kasey Riot – Don’t Stop (Original Mix) [East Van Digital]
Kasey Riot – Secret Location (Original Mix) [East Van Digital]
Melleefresh VS Boy Pussy – Naughty Girl (Kasey Riot Remix) [Wet Trax]
South Of Bloor – Versus (Kasey Riot Remix) [Independent]
Kasey Riot – Give It (Original Mix) [Independent]
Natasha Kmeto – Deeply (Kasey Riot Remix) [Independent]
Kasey Riot – Pussy’s Mine (Original Mix) [Independent]
DJ Rhiannon – Nasty Bitch (Kasey Riot Remix) [Independent]



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